The Second Lemon War was the war which came after The Great Lemon War.

Overview Edit

In the aftermath of The Great Lemon War, the Geolemon was finally destroyed. Howether, Britain's top scientists studied it first and created an artificial liquid with the same powers. The Geolemon Juice. This time, all the countries were against Britain which fell in a matter of days. The war is still significant as it motivated the Manhattan Project leading to the invention of nukes and the Geographian Cold War.

Official Report Edit

CW2 has ended in...


Thanks to the soldiers of

- Germany led by Kaiser Tristain

- Italy led by Emperor Isabella

- Japan led by Emperor Nitya

- Spain led by Caudillo Raad

- Finland led by President Tara

- Manchukuo led by Chief Executive Joey

- Kuomintang led by President Ray

- Sweden led by King (not queen) Sreeram

- Hungary led by King Nikita

- Romania led by King Pietro

- USA led by President Kerry

- Soviet Union led by General Secretary Michael

Axis has defeated the soldiers of

- Britain led by Prime Minister Chris

Battles fought - 11

Calculating The Casualties 2,423,676 soldiers died in the Battle Of France. That multiplied with 11 is 26,660,436.

The population of Australia is 24,130,000.

Trivia Edit

  • The Second Lemon War was (very loosely) based on WW2