Michael is a main character and the leader of Russia four wars in a row.


Personality Edit

Michael is the second most efficient leader in Geographia. His knowledge of politics and geography can only be matched by Kerry, and he is well read in numerous philosophical texts. Normally, he is an insanely nice guy, giving the entire S.S.R. of Ukraine to Tara after Cuba was nuked and sending loads of foreign aid to Poland during the Sreeram Incident, but when it is needed, he will lead his army with brutal efficiency in a no mercy campaign against the enemy. He is also rumored to have a beautiful singing voice.

Relationships Edit


  • Joey (You nuked West Germany, good job!)
  • Raad (Thanks for the fire merch!)
  • The Reporter (Political apathy is political oppression!)
  • The Editor (Fighting grammar mistakes since 2018)
  • Tara (Yeah, you can have the whole of Ukraine for free)
  • Chris (Sorry for attacking you)


  • Kerry (It's nice how we're interested in the same stuff, but you keep on declaring war on me!)
  • Lucas (You're kinda weird, but you're a good ally)


Trivia Edit

  • Michael is based off of Michael Deng, a student at Glenunga International High School.
  • Ironically, Michael's real life counterpart is a capitalist.

Quotes Edit

- "Political apathy is political oppression"

- "Le Mon Se Ko Le Mon Se Ko"

- "The government is an invention, not a creation"


- "I'm not actually Polish"