Lucas was the leader of Switzerland three wars in a row. He has Prussian heritage and views himself as more Prussian than Swiss

Personality Edit

Lucas is an eccentric guy with a gaming addiction. He is obsessed with Fortnite and often rushes when managing his country because he wants to play Fortnite for longer. Howether, when he is not staring at a screen, he can lead his country with amazing wisdom despite not being as educated as everyone else. He is the most politically apathetic leader in Geographia, being neutral in wars so he doesn't have more work to do and less time to play Fortnite.

Relationships Edit


  • Michael (Thank's for the Apache air support!)
  • Raad (Thank's for the fire merch)


  • N/A


  • Chris (Getting poor Chinese farmers to do your dirty work huh?)

Trivia Edit

  • Lucas is based off of Lucas Bian. A student at Glenunga International High School.
  • Lucas's usual bedtime is at 1:00-1:30 AM.
  • Lucas's other hobbies include playing Clash Royale, speed eating candy that has been sorted into colour groups and solving various puzzles.
  • Lucas suffers from clinical depression and only has his girlfriend for company.
  • He spies on Prime Minister Chris with his Prussian assassin's creed.

Quotes Edit

- "Fortnite PVE is coming out soon"

- "Hehehe, I am very anonymous"

- "Dat Michael is a sneaky boyo boi!"

- "Who wants to buy some naval sextants?"