The Doctor is a timelord, more uncommonly known as The Inquirer. The 20th regeneration of this entity now goes by many names. Colloquially, she is known simply as Isabella, although she has been John Smith before. Her name changes as she travels through time and space. On planets with species of higher intelligence, she is called The Inquirer because she is a woman of great learning. But due to the fact she helps wherever she is needed, she is called The Doctor. Her true name is very complicated and is unknown to most of the universe.

Isabella was the Queen of Italy once, the Empress of Austria Hungary once, the General Secretary of East Germany once and also a Geographian Time-Strider and vigilante. She is usually seen with her teammate, fellow Geographian Time-Hopper Phoebe Maguire. She has been seen coming out of her T.E.L.S.T.R.A in many different times and places. Her ship takes the form of a Telstra phone box. It was meant to be a Vodaphone phone box, but the chameleon circuit got stuck.

Personality Edit

Isabella has been shown to have a good sense of humor from the few interviews reporters have managed to snag between time-jumps. In the few times her escapades have led her to places in Geographia, she has been shown to be an extremely skilled fighter with a manner of weapons, including swords, energy blasters, and 1920s antique pistols, a personal favourite. She is quick-witted and charming, and has the firm belief that "no species will be left behind... unless they're all bloody idiots."

Appearance Edit

Isabella has frizzy dark-honey-brown hair, usually in a ponytail. She wears a navy blue coat, skinny jeans, brown leather boots, and will occasionally wear a cravat.

Quotes Edit

- "geez u type so loud"

Trivia Edit

  • The original character wasn't finished. Her personality and extra information was fan-made, until the information was confirmed by Isabella herself.
  • The character was based on Isabella Viljoen. A student at Glenunga International High School.
  • She will occasionally edit this page. Watch out.