This page contains all the history of Amidonia.

Socialism In Canada Edit

In the year 2022, a leftist political writer by the name of Zhi Ming was gaining popularity rapidly in Canada. Canada held an early election and Zhi Ming won in a landslide. As soon as he was in office, Zhi Ming started to rapidly improve the education and infrastructure. Canada's cracked roads were a thing of the past and homelessness gradually disappeared. The educated people who were once homeless soon became teachers, making sure the knowledge is passed down to the next generation. In order to pay for these expenses, the government raised the tax for rich people ever so slightly. Canada is a rich country so the government received a lot of funds. To the rich people, $500 was tiny when compared to how much they make from their companies. Thus, the rich gave away happily and the poor benefited as well. Sounds like a Utopia?

Unfortunately, haters gonna hate. A rich guy called Reece Xiang refused to pay his taxes even though his daily wage is larger than than the tax. A bunch of crazy capitalists joined him, and they started a rebellion. At first, the rebellion was a huge failure, but then, the rebels showed up with top of the range American military equipment. We all know how much America likes to intervene in communist and socialist countries. (Ahem, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Korea, Cuba, Chile). The killing blow were the American sanctions not the American military. A huge part of Canada's economy is dependent on the United States, and economic collapse was becoming a bigger threat than the rebellion. Zhi Ming did the smart thing, and used whatever resources Canada had left to evacuate his country into space. Many historians agree that without the sanctions, Canada would have managed to crush the rebellion.

Amidonia Edit

Using their advanced technology, the Canadians colonized the Alpha Centuari system, and renamed themselves The Holy State Of Amidonia. (THSA)