Geographia is the planet which the Lemon Wars were set.

Origin And History Edit

In the year 2750, A country and it's citizens were banished from their home planet. This country was called Amidonia and their home planet was Earth. They were banished by the rest of their species for having different and bizarre political systems. (They combined Communism and Democracy into some Frankenstein version of Socialism). Betrayed and angry, the Amidonians established themselves in the Alpha Centuria system and vowed to come back to Earth in the future, and invade. They hollowed out a planet called Phainon and started to terraform it into Earth like conditions. Their plan was to populate it with human clones and see how they fight wars against each other in order to improve their own military strategies. The clones were brainwashed to believe that it was 1914 and that they were on Earth.

Everything was planned. Because the clones lived in the hollow inside of the planet, telescopes and rockets would be blocked by the planet surface so they would never find out about their true origin and their creators. The hollow inside Phainon was then named Geographia.

As part of their research on military psychology, the Amidonians created the Geolemon. An artifact which gave immense power to a person, but at a terrible cost. They sent it into Geographia in a fake meteorite to see how the clones would react. Sure enough, some countries protected it and some tried to destroy it. Thus starting The Great Lemon War.

Geography Edit

Geographia is almost identical to Earth with clones of Flora and Fauna from Earth.