Chris is one of the main characters and the Prime Minister of Britain 4 wars in a row.


Personality Edit

Chris is an extroverted world leader. He is quite pacifist to the rest of the world and prioritizes the welfare of his people over the economy. However, inside, he lusts for power. Upon the discovery of the Geolemon, he hoped that he could use it to use it to take over the world, starting The Great Lemon War. He also seems to have a short temper, insulting Tristan after he received criticism from him.

Relationships Edit


  • Raad (Thanks for the fire merch!)


  • Michael (You're a cool guy, but you fought against me)


  • Lucas (You're weirdness gets in the way of my plans)
  • Kerry (You don't seem to like me...)
  • Tristan (You're an annoying kraut!)

Trivia Edit

  • Chris is based off Chris Fang. A student at at Glenunga International High School.

Quotes Edit

- "Fat guys don't get girls"

- "Are you Vietnamese?"

- "My hands are high my feet and low, this is how we are forced to endure horrible pain every time lemon juice goes into our eyes"

- "Hello there Tristan, would you kindly stop being annoying? Best regards, Everyone who thinks that you're annoying"

- "You just got beeeaned!"

- "Why did he push you over? Does he bully you everyday?"

- "This operation will destroy your body from the inside! Gamma knife!

- "Are you smart?"